From heartbreak

The situation in India is devastating. Has it reached its lowest depth or is there worse to come? What will rise from the ashes?

My worst fears have come to pass but worst fears for the world have not yet come to pass. What can be done? Share vaccines, send food and oxygen. Every religion references, and non-religious person knows the golden rule.

The apparel connection? Driving wages down hurts infrastructure in healthcare and education in poor countries.

So far one of India’s older companies, Borosil a leader in glass panels for solar energy has promised to pay wages and support the families of those employees who fell sick or died. This is leadership.

Can apparel brands operating in India pledge to do the same?

2 thoughts on “From heartbreak

  1. yes, wouldn’t that be wonderful leadership! Needed in every country. Efforts toward a living wage in Ontario are led by Ontario Living Wage Network.

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